Many births have taken place in these lands where the philosophy of Jin Jiyan Azadi fell as a seed. Apart from death, war and blood, Kurdistan has always been a place of the purest philosophies and ideologies that shed light on humanity. At times it fell into a deep silence with painful massacres, at times it challenged history with the magnificence of its mountains. It has been the cradle of the most honorable of the glorious uprisings against annihilation and rape with the strength of its roots. No matter how it is embodied, the essence of this history has always been women. Because Kurdistan has always been a women’s homeland from past to present. At a time when the Kurds and women were thought to be finished, Mother Uveyş turned today into another milestone for us by being the mother of a rebellion. Thus, we were reminded again that Jin and Jiyan are the essential unity that nourishes our souls against the reality of women who are always tried to be tamed with death. Today, the belief that we will make the 21st century the century of women has turned into a new hope in the world in the person of Kurdish women. Jin Jiyan Azadî has transcended being a slogan filtered through the tongue and heart of the Free People from the very first step, and today it has become the cry of the world women’s revolutionary march in different colors.

As TJA, we have declared again this year that we will reach freedom with the same cry, with the strength and consciousness we take from this philosophy and teaching. With the slogan ‘Bi Jin Jiyan Azadiyê Ber Bi Azadiyê Ve’, we spent the time we left behind opening the door to a new process with the teachings of our history and the rebellion that grew in the hands of our mother Uveyş. This process, which we declared as a campaign but filled with a tempo and organization that exceeded its content, turned into a glorious march with the arrival of spring. On March 8, this determination that rose up and lifted millions of people in the Newrozs sent the trustee system, the new name of the rape system in Kurdistan, and all the representatives of the masculine sovereign mind to the place they deserve. As we shouted everywhere; ISIS mentality was defeated by Jin Jiyan Azadî. It is with this morale, faith and determination that we welcome the birth of the Free Man, who transformed the truth that women can only find meaning in life and life can only find meaning in freedom into a reality with great efforts; that is, turning hope into victory under all circumstances. We reiterate our determination to grow the new life that has fallen on the soil of Kurdistan and blossomed with the labor of each woman, with great gratitude to all our mothers in the person of Mother Uveyş. As TJA, we define April 4 as the day of rebirth with a free identity and wish a happy birthday to all women and humanity who resist.


Tevgera Jinên Azad (TJA)


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