We Can Say The People and Women Who Resistes Were winners!


Patriotic Kurdish people and women, in particular, participated in local elections from the first day, regardless of their homes, streets and neighborhoods, and increased the social struggle and carried this election to victory with a women’s libertarian line.

This result was revealed with the will of the people and the will of women, thanks to our friends who protected and carried votes at the expense of their lives.
We salute our friends who resisted for the future of this country in prisons with their will during this election process, who led with their suggestions and partnered with us in this process, and we express our gratitude for their presence.
For the support given by the women’s movements of the world and Türkiye throughout the election process.

As the Kurdish Women’s Movement, we congratulate them for their self-sacrificing and uncompromising attitude towards resistance and thank them all for their efforts.
This election has brought to life the democratic line of the peoples of Kurdistan and women created by the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan with the 3rd Path, and has once again shown the insistence of women on the 3rd path.

Our organized and determined stance against the attacks on our co-presidency system since the pre-election process, carried out by ISIS and its derivative counter forces through our female co-chairs and council members; It has frustrated reactionary, sexist, nationalist and religious policies. The winners were the women who did not compromise on the co-chairmanship and the claim of free association.

With our programs that we carry out far beyond classical election studies and turn them into social gatherings; With the Free Women’s Movement, grounds have developed where society meets again, discusses, and grows solidarity. These grounds have once again shown that; The construction of social freedom is only possible with organized women’s power. The enthusiasm with which the women, who were tried to be intimidated, closed, and imprisoned in private spaces by the trustee coup, welcomed the Kurdish women’s movement in those houses and those streets where exploitation was deepened, increased our motivation and strength for struggle, illuminated our path to freedom, and also reminded us of our responsibilities.

As we have stated since day one; Elections are not a goal, but thresholds for building a democratic, ecological, women’s libertarian system. With the social power we have unleashed, we will grow our will, our victory, and our women’s system.
The male-state system is trying to usurp the defeat it suffered against organized women and peoples with the election results, by using force, by attacking the will of the people with arbitrary practices. Today, we are trying to defend our co-presidency system and municipalities against the fascist AKP-MHP government, which is trying to usurp the will of women and people again under the guise of law. We will continue to resist to take back what is ours.

Kurdish women are more ready than ever to resist and fulfill their historical responsibility as the pioneers of the freedom struggle. With this word and belief, we once again salute the ongoing resistance of all women and the people of Kurdistan in the streets, and we celebrate this success with our belief that just causes will triumph sooner or later…


Tevgera Jinên Azad (TJA)

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