TJA Position Statement on Elections 2024


As a result of the primaries we held with the broadest, organized societal constituency, we
have chosen our candidates who will run for co-mayorship and municipal councils in the 2024
municipal elections. At this point, the drive for radical democracy our movement has launched
for emancipatory local governments has once again defeated the attempts by centers of
hegemony to impose isolation on all cells of life to counter Kurdish women’s struggle for
freedom, equality and democracy.

In terms of both the entire process and its results, this drive for radical democracy led by the
Free Women’s Movement has been an immense source of motivation for all of us. The
extensive participation of our female comrades in both the candidacy processes and the
primaries was in fact a political stand against the male-dominant system’s construct of
women-less politics. However, this process has also revealed a weakening in the
manifestation of two of our principles of women’s liberation in our practices: Our ethical
aesthetic approach and patriotic norms. Kurdish women must continue their efforts to make
their mentality an essential basis of all layers of life and struggle as well, not only on account
of their majority but also with their paradigm.

TJA Yerel Seçim Tutum Belgesi İnglizce

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