To the Press and Public Opinion

With the slogan that the 21st century will be the century of women, we are going through a process in which the male-dominated mentality wants to be institutionalized with the codes of nationalism, racism and sexism against our period policy and struggle.

The Middle East is undergoing changes and restructuring. This critical process means both opportunity and risk for us women. We have determined our approach by believing that our organized and more effective participation in this process of change and restructuring imposes a historical responsibility on us for the freedom of women and Kurds.

Against the 21st century women’s century, we know that the century that the fascism by its tools wants to build does not offer women, Kurds and other peoples anything other than war, poverty and genocide. The AKP-MHP fascist regime, using HÜDAPAR as a shadow pawn of the state, will determine politics in Kurdistan based on anti-Kurdish and anti-women. Undoubtedly, this situation has become a reason for struggle for us women. While elections are a space for the peoples to raise the struggle on democratic and fair grounds, otherwise they are an instrument of force for the rulers to legitimize their existence. It is precisely at this point that these elections, which the sovereign wants to legitimize for its existence, were held in an unfair environment of oppression and force.

In the 2023 elections, which women and Kurds have adopted as a means of struggle in our struggle to overthrow fascism and build a democratic republic, we, as TJA, took duty and responsibility in the field with a great spirit of mobilization. We, as the Kurdish women’s movement, together with the women’s movements in Turkey, led the election campaigns to put an end to the misogyny of this fascist male government, to prevent the genocide of women that has been going on uninterruptedly for years, to put an end to the genocide of the Kurdish people by fascism, and for the peoples to win the right to live in an equal, just and democratic country.

In these days when we are struggling under unequal conditions where oppression and bullying continue unabated during the election process, dozens of our friends and our people who took part in the work were detained and arrested for expressing the will for change and democracy. TJA has once again demonstrated the will of thousands of women who have a tradition of resistance in the women’s struggle, who know how to fulfill their historical responsibility, who have taken part at the forefront despite all the hardnesses in the difficult election work, together with the principles that lead the resistance.

All our women friends who took part in these activities should know that; whatever the result, we have succeeded in standing against neo-fascism, which has regained power, in a clear and decisive manner of our people’s will for democracy and attitude. This election was not a legitimate election. The government did not win this election in equal, democratic and transparent conditions.

The government has declared its false victory by distorting the truth through the politics of violence, hatred and lies. For Erdogan, this victory will only be a “Pirsus victory”. Half of this country has shown its will in favor of change and democracy. In Kurdistan the people gave an answer to the government. In the face of these illegitimate election results, we will continue to protect the peoples’ will for democracy, to resist and fight for it.

As TJA, we will continue to be the subject of the reconstruction process. And as women, we will continue our stubbornness, will, insistence and hope to bring our peoples out of this darkness of fascism by growing our belief that we will defeat it with our organized power. We thank all our TJA friends, young women, Kurdish people and our other friends fighting for democracy who took part in the election work sacrificially, tirelessly and stubbornly for their efforts.

The attitude and determination for democracy that emerged as a result of this labor and the courage to do so is our greatest success. As TJA, we have a promise before history to be the leading force that resists and succeeds in the new period in order to embrace and crown this success.

Together, with our organized power, We’re going to win.

Jin Jiyan Azadî!

Dîsa Jin Dîsa Azadî!

Tevgera Jinên Azad (TJA)

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