We, as TJA, welcome the “World Mother Language Day” on February 21 with the spirit and light of the philosophy of Women’s Lives. With this belief, in the first place, Sêvê Demîr, the lover and pioneer of the Kurdish language, who fought for years in the field of language and was martyred in the process of democratic autonomy in Silopi; Evin Goyi, who until the moment of his life for the freedom of women, the freedom of the language, the freedom of the country who have fought in all areas of life and whose personalities have died in the path of truth and freedom of language and country, remember them with respect. We promise that until our spirit, language and land are free, our struggle will be brighter and louder than ever.

As it is known, February 21 as “World Mother Language Day” was announced by UNESCO on November 17, 1999. This day is actually “International Mother Language Day”. It is Mother Language Movement Day. This day marks the anniversary of the killing of Bangladeshi university students who fought for the Bengali Language Movement and were murdered by the Bangladeshi government. From that year until now, this day is celebrated with great resistance every year around the world.

According to UNESCO data, 2,500 languages are in danger of disappearing in the world. If within a hundred years there is no child left to speak his mother’s language, that language is in great danger, if a child does not speak his mother’s mother tongue, that language is considered dead. It is because of this danger that they say “Every Language is a World”. Here the purpose of UNESCO is to ensure the protection, development and promotion of all languages and to create opportunities for their survival. Unfortunately, even today, many languages are in danger, they have no status and their future is uncertain; are under the threat of being crushed, melted and destroyed. One of the times that is in danger is the Kurdish language, which is spoken and lived by millions of Kurds.

According to the UNESCO datas of 2023, the Kurdish language ranks 8th in terms of richness, scientific and philosophical concepts among all languages of the world. Unfortunately, the way in which there is a confederation system of Kurds from Rojava and Sinjar and they carry out their education in the Kurdish language, in the North, South, East and Europe with thousands of institutions and institutions of the Kurdish language  in many ways, the status of education is still Kurdish language has not been accepted.

Against that, there is a cruel isolation of Genocide on the Kurdish language and culture and the land of Kurdistan. Of course, this is a result of strict isolation policies in Imraliye. As the isolation of the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan deepens, even in the Kurdish mother tongue, all areas of life are prohibited and isolated, especially in the prisons, especially on Kurdish women, youth and children with many methods and arguments. Special war policies are being carried out for the promotion of foreign and domestic violence. From the prisons to the schools, from the courts to all institutions of the state’s awareness of sexism, monolingual racism, from the racist media to the speech and airspace of the state, the Kurdish language is banned and isolated. The example of Makbüle Ozer’s 80-year-old mother, who did not have a Kurdish language translator because ATK did not listen to her story, did not evaluate her legal situation and punished her, because of the lack of a Kurdish language translator, the mother who spent hours at the airport in Istanbul this week is the face of the regime’s policies. Turkey is the most obvious.

We as TJA, for these reasons, say that the physical freedom of the Kurdish People’s Leader Mr. Abdullah Ocalan is the freedom of the mother tongue, the freedom of the language, culture and land of Kurdistan. In this sense, we primarily call on Kurdish women and the Kurdistan community to take care of the freedom of their language, speak, write, live in their language, struggle and protect the freedom of their language. Our language is our life, our language is our honor, our language is our identity, our language is our existence. Let’s make our language and political culture beautiful and alive together, the garden of women and animals of freedom. We celebrate this belief “World Mother Language Day” primarily to women, the Kurdish people and all the peoples of the world.

Kurdish must be the official language of education!

Our language is our identity!

Our language is our honor!

Can’t Live Without Language!

Women, Live, Freedom!

Free Women’s Movement (T

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